Top 5 Movie Moments That We’ll Remember Forever

movie moments
movie moments

There are some movie whose scenes we will remember forever and come back to, watching them over and over again. Some scenes just leave an indelible mark on us and moments that we will always be keeping in our hearts. What are the Top 5 iconic moments from the movies?

Titanic – The Door Scene

We all know the scene where Rose is lying at the door and Jack is dying of icy water and cold. This scene will forever spark debates about who could stand at that door, and whether or not Jack could be up with Rose, and survive at the same time. Still, with this scene, we all cried and it is one of the iconic moments.

Star Wars – “I Am Your Father”

Star Wars has many memorable moments, however, this moment is really among the first on the list. While this is a scene and a sentence that I non-fans of Star Wars know, this revelation of how Darth Vader Luke’s father really shocked the entire audience.

Dead Poets Society – “O Captain! My Captain”

This film was one of Robin Williams ’most memorable movies. He was a professor who brought something new into his class and encouraged that pure, true art. The gratitude of his students is more than obvious and this scene just shows how he influenced them.

The Wizzard of Oz – “There’s No Place Like Home”

The Wizzard of Oz really left a huge impression on all of us and we all enjoyed this movie both as a kid and later as we grew up. This movie is a real classic movie that everyone should watch and it is full of beautiful scenes. Nevertheless, we can single out this as a bridge iconic moment. That’s when Dorothy decides to return to Kansas, reciting the now-famous line, “There’s no place like home.”

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – “Wingardium Leviosa”

Of course, Harry Potter is imbued with perfectly designed scenes that we adore. However, this scene from the first part is one of those that fans immediately fell in love with and which they still quote today. Hermione’s correcting Ron on how to say “Wingardium Leviosa” properly shows both of their early personalities.

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