5 Action Movies That Will Keep You On The Edge


We all sometimes like a good action that will hold our attention from the beginning to the end of the movie and we won’t even blink so as not to miss some interesting part! Action movies are really a genre that is quite popular and successful, so you certainly won’t go wrong with action movies. Save the popcorn and choose one of these brilliant movies!

Die Hard

The plot of this great action by John McTiernan takes place in Los Angeles at Christmas time. A big party is being held on the thirtieth floor of the Nakatomi Corporation. The party turns into hell when terrorists led by Hans Gruber break into the building and take the guests hostage. The FBI has been called in to resolve this situation, but John McClane has completely different plans for terrorists. This movie is truly a masterpiece!

The Terminator

One night in the early 1980s, a young and unknown James Cameron dreamed in a fever of a half-destroyed robot crawling on the floor away from the explosion. From that nightmare, a couple of years later, the film The Terminator was made, with which Cameron became famous. In 2027, robots and humans are waging a relentless war. On the verge of defeat, artificial intelligence sends Skynet through time to the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – a robot disguised as a human being.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The difference between the campy Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and its follow-up could not be starker. George Miller set the shop in the deserts of Australia, which in the modern world represents a rather gloomy place for human existence. At the very beginning of the film, Max is captured by the soldier of the Immortal Joe, a man who is a kind of dictator, with a monopoly over the necessities of life in that part of the world. Very interesting movie!

The Matrix

The film describes a world in which the reality in which people live is simulated, it is a dream world created by a race of machines that has since ruled the world and used humans as a source of energy. Those who managed to wake up and get out of the Matrix are waging a battle against the machines in which they drag in both the young programmer and hacker Thomas known as Neo. After this movie, you will wonder what we really are and is all true?

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman stars in this Quentin Tarantino-directed grindhouse flick as “The Bride,” a woman whose ex-lover attempted to murder her on her wedding day. This is very exciting action, stylistically rich thriller, which has a story of disappointment, deception, resurrection, and revenge for the skeleton. Tarantino of course never makes a mistake!

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