Teyana Taylor – First Black Sexiest Black Woman Alive


Teyana Taylor has been named Maxim’s ‘sexiest woman alive’, and thus became the first Black woman to be awarded the title.

The “retired” R&B singer and fashion and lifestyle magnate, shared how honored she was to receive this title. She shared her gratitude on her Instagram profile for the size of leading the 2021 Hot 100 list.

“Somebody pinch me!!! Maxim Hot 100 to be named the ‘sexiest woman alive’ by literally living in the skin I’m in,” Teyana wrote in a description of her Instagram post.

“As an entrepreneur, wife, a busy mother of two and working behind the lens in my director bag, I tend to hide behind my sweats and vintage tees, My‘ Spike Tey ’glasses, and whatever hairstyle I’ve mustered up that day …, “she reflected in an empowering note.” So I as you can see, I don’t have much time to be and feel sexy. This particular day was dope because it made me see another side of myself.

Teyana may be “retired” from music, but there is no denying the fact of how valuable she is. As an entrepreneur, wife, a busy mother of two & working behind the lens in her director bag, she is a person who manages to reach everything and to be both beautiful and of course the sexiest.

Teyana commented on the honor

“I’ve followed Maxim for a long time and I’ve always felt like I should be on the cover,” Taylor said. “So to actually get the call saying they want me on the cover really means a lot. I was like, what? They want me on the cover? Okay! ”

On the cover, she is dressed in military pants, a white top shirt with straps where we see her handsome belly. Afro hairstyle and large round earrings complete her beautiful face.

“Embrace and love yourselves for who & what you are because only the purest heart shines through,” she wrote at the end of her post. What remains is to follow her advice and nurture what we really are.

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