5 Movies to Watch During Girl’s Night


Friends have gathered, drinks and popcorns are ready, but what is missing? The answer is a good girl’s night movie! These are the movies that make us appreciate our friendships more and cry or laugh with our BFFs. Check the list below and make your girl’s night perfect!

Miss Congeniality

She is beautiful, she is magnificent, she is strong and she may become the next Miss of the United States. This movie is about an FBI agent who goes on a secret mission and disguises to prevent the murder of the winner of the Miss United States beauty pageant. A movie that keeps your attention from the first second and ideal for you to sit with your besties and enjoy this movie!


Sandra Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, who will try to carry out an almost impossible robbery in New York. She gathers an amazing team and with them, she embarks on that mission. The film is not only interesting and funny; it really nurtures female friendship and harmony even in the worst moments.

How To Be Single

The plot follows a girl left by a boyfriend and she moves to New York to live her best single life. It will be difficult for her at the beginning, but the great thing is that she has new friends and her sister to help her in those hard moments. This rom-com will make you laugh and show at the same time that being single is not that bad!


If you consider yourself one of those people who don’t like those Facebook posts about weddings and is not that type at all, you have to watch this movie. The plot follows a single woman whose life is in chaos. She is invited to the wedding of her best friend where she will be the Maid of Honor. You just must watch this movie!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

A group of besties have the best shopping trip ever when they find jeans that somehow suit each of them. They share custody of these magical jeans over the summer. These jeans are very magical; they help them to reunite with family, to overcome certain problems, as well as to find true love. The magic in this movie is obvious!

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