Gossip Girl’s Remake Debuts Its Trailer

We all remember the iconic, xoxo, Gossip girl, right? Of course, our favorite characters from the Upper East Side will remain in our hearts forever; however, something new is coming to us that will surely win our hearts as well.

HBO Max has released a trailer for the Gossip Girl reboot. Expectation, interest, and curiosity are awakened in us. The new series is produced by original GG creators Joshua Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. In these 45 seconds of the trailer, we learn a lot about the series itself.

The trailer looks very different from the original series. Still, one of the similarities is that Kristen Bell is returning to voice the infamous Gossip Girl narrator. We do not doubt that the Gossip Girl reboot will be something that will gain the attention and love of the public.

This series will return viewers to New York’s Upper East Side, where we will watch a new generation of elite teenagers facing various problems, as well as “social surveillance nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark,” according to HBO Max.

“I think that what we can say is this – we’re making a series in 2020 and 2021,” said Emily Alyn Lind, actor of the new series. “It’s really important for us to not just talk about these things but also express them as normal things that kids deal with. It shouldn’t be this new, exciting thing to talk about, it just exists. It’s about normalizing things that used to be different or taboo. “

Whitney Peak noted that it will be much more diverse than the original Gossip Girl. “There’s a lot of representation, which I can’t say we saw a lot of in the first one.”

What kind of surprise will these series have a twist? We all wonder and can’t wait to find out. Showrunner Josh Safran, who also wrote and produced the original Gossip Girl, did not reveal which twist it was. Yet what he has revealed to us is that it relates to the reboot’s increased focus on representation, alongside the roots of wealth and privilege.

“Gossip Girl” premieres July 8. In a little while, we will find out what awaits us behind this series. Stay tuned!

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