Hulu Аirs the Fourth Season of Handmaid’s Tale

We don’t need to wait any longer! After two and a half years of waiting, Handmaid’s tale is back at the big door again. Although COVID-19 slowed down production for 4 seasons, the series premiered nine episodes of the new season, along with the finale called “The Wilderness,” which airs on Hulu on June 16 at 12 a.m. EST.

As the final episode arrives, the world of Gilead will once again be closed with an end that will be dramatic and dynamic. Whether you’ve been following this series from the beginning, or have just joined, don’t miss anything because this series is promising.

Handmaid’s tale is the winner of the 15 Emmys. This drama is now spreading beyond the novel by Margaret Atwood, after which it was originally created.

“It was something that we toyed with on season 3—something we’d been trying to make work—but it’s always very difficult for the lead actor to direct,” Moss stated in January. “We finally figured it out this year, and I’m so glad that we did and honored, and all of that, and then it just ended up being so much more fun, and so much more fulfilling and interesting, than I ever thought it would be.”

The fourth season leaves a big impression

The new series takes us back to the nightmare of future America where the totalitarian government of Gilead forced several remaining fertile women in the country to become slaves of the ruling elite. Actress Elisabeth Moss handles the role of a handmaid named June perfectly. In the series, she must be subordinated to High Commander Fred Waterford, a character played by Joseph Fiennes.

The long-awaited fourth season starts right where last season stopped. In that finale, we saw June shot, but her maids took her to safety after helping a large number of children go to Canada. Expectations for the fourth season were high, but with good reason, this series left a big impression on everyone.

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