Billie Eilish Covers Rolling Stone

Billie Eilish

Wow! Billie looks stunning on the cover of Rolling Stone. She shared multiple pictures from her photoshoot for the cover on her Instagram profile on Wednesday and made everyone’s jaw drop with delight.

Our star is July’s cover star magazine and looks perfect while wearing pieces like a custom Gucci slipdress, Helmut Lang cardigan, Burberry button-down, and Polo Ralph Lauren sweater.

More than two million people liked Billie’s picture. She wrote in the description of the picture: “ROLLING STONE COVER, A DREEEAAAM @rollingstone read the article for more on the album.” The comments below the picture also erupted.

In the interview, she talked about her personal life, music, family, and the album, which she said would see the light of day on July 30. We are all very happy and impatiently waiting, knowing that Billie is not doing anything in half. She always gives a hundred percent in everything she makes. 

“I don’t know how to explain this, but all the songs on the album feel like a specific time because they feel like when I wrote them and made them,” Eilish explained. “It’s so funny that to the rest of the world it’s going to feel like a certain moment for them, and it’s going to be so different than mine. That’s such a weird, weird thing to wrap my head around. And I will f–king love it. I love it. That’s the reason you do this. It’s for that.”

She also commented on how important it is to preserve your privacy. “It wouldn’t make sense to people who aren’t in this world,” she said, “If I said what I was thinking right now, [the fans] would feel the same way I did when I was 11. They’d be like, ‘It would be so easy. You could just do it. ’No. It’s crazy the amount of things you don’t think about before it’s right in front of you. ”

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