Pixar Movies We Love to Re-watch

Pixar movies, together with Disney, marked our childhood and left great impressions on our hearts with their interesting stories. All Pixar movies contain something special, and we have selected for you the top 10 best that will forever be remembered.

Toy Story

Of course, this amazing story won first place. Toys that come to life and that have their little lives create a story that has bought the whole world. This is not just an ordinary cartoon for children, this is a place where adults can find themselves in a world created by children’s imagination shown through dynamic characters.


This is one of the most original Pixar movies. Wall-E is a movie that is so warm, so full of friendship and love, it makes you think, it just touches your heart and it’s hard not to cry while watching this movie. A movie you can watch a million times and it will never get boring.


The grumpy old man and the young scout embark on the most exciting journey of their lives. This is also a film full of emotions, and the true, deep, and tender love. At the same time, we would cry and laugh, as much as this movie awakens something amazing in all of us. Pixar really doesn’t make mistakes.

Finding Nemo 

This is a hilarious adventure with colorful characters that will introduce you to the amazing world of the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef. World cinema has advanced so much that we have reached a stage where we manage to laugh, enjoy and sympathize with characters we are aware do not exist.

Inside Out

Inside Out is a truly inventive, gorgeously animated, and powerfully moving movie. The plot is located in the girl’s head and shows her feelings as separate characters. A film that is ideally both instructive and interesting for children, and a real refreshment for adults.

The Incredibles

The plot of the film follows a family of superheroes who hide their powers, until the moment when the desire of the Unseen Lord to help people does not involve the whole family in the battle against the evil villain of the Syndrome. This is a really enjoyable refreshment from Pixar, which goes beyond its genre and asks some important questions.


The plot of the film follows a young hero – Miguel, who, despite the multi-generational ban on music in his family, wants to become a famous musician. This film will make you feel like you have returned to your childhood and watched your first “big” movie for the first time. In one word: magical.


This is a great movie about about a rat who likes to cook. Who would have believed that we would like the story of the rat cooking, it is somehow an unimaginable combination. Still, the high marks and good words of praise just tell you that the film is much more than all that. A story that is unpredictable and there is an additional charm in that.

Monsters Inc

The plot of the film follows two monsters employed by the company Monsters Ink. – intimidator James “Sally” Sullivan and his partner and best friend Mike Vazovski. The characters are cute, the scenes are interesting and it is simply impossible not to like these characters and this amazing movie.


This is the story of Merida’s fearlessness that will change the destiny of her kingdom forever. Fantastic animation, unstoppable energy, and a great sense of humor are just some of the little things that make this film complete and perfect.

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