10 Workout Songs to Get Your Butt Off the Sofa

With the summer, comes the summer body, which we work on all year round to be hot when we put on a bikini. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to motivate ourselves for a workout. What are the top 10 songs you can spice up your gym playlist with?

“Till I Collapse,” Eminem

“When you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up,” Eminem said, “but you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength.” This is the right motivation to find inner strength, power and break down all the barriers that are in front of you.

“Motivation,” Norman

This fun dance song must bring you positive energy and motivation, as the name of the song says. Here we see former Fifth Harmony singer and Dancing with the Stars favorite complementing the song with some incredible moves.

“FU,” Miley Cyrus and French Montana

If it’s hard for you, you’re breaking down and you can’t catch your breath on your workout, this song is here to give you the motivation you need. Miley and her superior energy run everything around her.

“Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor

This is one of those songs that just moves people. Incredibly, it indescribably provides extraordinary energy and makes you imagine that you are in a real movie. It illuminates you with great energy and gives you the missing strength.

“POWER,” Kanye West

Kanye tells you to find the power you have and use it. Based on a handclap beat and cheerleading-style shouts it provides the perfect rhythm to turn off your brain and throw yourself into what matters most – workout and work on yourself.

“Believer,” Imagine Dragons

Be a Believer – believe in yourself and believe in your inner strength. Believe that you can take off those calories and sculpt your body like real ancient sculptures of perfect proportions. You can. We believe in you.

“Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground),” Michael Jackson

“Shake your body down to the ground!” – Yes, master. Michael is a singer who moved us a million times with his songs and gave us that trace of strength that we sometimes lacked. Still, this song is ideal to provide real energy.

“Taki Taki,” DJ Snake, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and Ozuna

When Cardi B growl, “But I’m a boss bitch,” all of a sudden everything becomes easy and you imagine how you’re a boss too. Yeah, you are! Go do another pushup, you can do it!

“Level Up,” Ciara

Upgrade yourself. Even when sweat is pouring from your face, when you feel like your legs stop working, don’t give up. Work on making a better and healthier version of yourself; work so hard that you just go forward, never backward (except when doing some exercise).

“Boom Boom Pow,” The Black Eyed Peas

Okay, this song is ideal to listen to literally anywhere. Whether you are a son at a wedding, in the shower, on the bus, or in the gym, it is totally irrelevant because you will be overwhelmed with energy every time that will move you.

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