Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Guns N’ Roses

This band has delivered so much talent, art, beautiful songs over the years. The band members are something special and they definitely recognize and stand out from other bands. Here are some interesting facts about Guns N ’Roses that you probably didn’t know!

They almost died

When they returned to Los Angeles, from their first tour, all the members of Guns N’ Roses were involved in a car accident. They were in a Toyota Celica when a car crashed into an intersection and hit them from the side. Everything turned out well at the end.

They used to be called “Hollywood Rose”

How strange does that sound now, right? The primary name was “Hollywood Rose” until Tracii and Axl agreed and decided to make the band’s name from their last names. However, Trace, Oli and Rob later left the band and were replaced by Duff McKagan on bass, Steven Adler on drums, and most notably Slash on lead guitar.

Axl went to jail for assaulting a crazy neighbor

“I live next door to a psycho,” Axl Rose told a TV reporter after he got out of jail where he was for attacking a neighbor with an empty wine bottle. The same neighbor accused Axl of shooting at her with chicken pieces. Very crazy.

Sweet Child O ’Mine was written in just 5 minutes

Oh, who would have thought! This hit, this song that is more and more valuable and famous from year to year, in just five minutes? Slash said this song was written in just five minutes because it was a simple song with only three chords. The composition itself is quite simple, except for the lead guitar part.

Slash made his house a Zoo

Slash bought a new house in Los Angeles that he filled with various animals like snakes, lizards, eight cats, and a mountain lion cub named Curtis. “I installed a full-on reptile zoo over there,” it is written in his autobiography.

Slash ran bloody and naked through the hotel

After consuming heroin and cocaine, Slash imagined “Predators” with “rubbery-looking dreadlocks” chasing him after him with “machine guns and harpoons”. As he tried to escape these horrible creatures, he broke through the glass door through which he jumped to get out of the room. He used the maid as a shield and later hid behind a lawnmower.

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