10 Movie Scenes That Make Zero Sense

Have you ever watched a movie and suddenly you come across a completely random scene, where you wonder, what is this supposed to mean and why did they put this in the movie? Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of such films, and on our list look at some ten movie moments that don’t make absolute sense.

Jack’s Death In ‘Titanic’

This is of course a scene that raises many questions and answers. However, the solution is very simple – there was enough space for Jack at the door where Rose was lying. Of course, we understand the significance and point of his death, but filmmakers could have put a smaller door into the film so that this issue would not be taken into question.

The Unnecessary Choice In ‘Aladdin’

At the end of the film, we come to the point where Aladdin chooses his last wish to free his spirit before becoming a prince again. However, this should not be mentioned because Aladdin was already a prince. Just because Jafar changed Aladdin’s clothes, doesn’t mean he’s not a prince anymore.

Hidden Identity In ‘A Cinderella Story’

This story introduces us to modern Cinderella. The whole film revolves essentially around how Austin, the guy she’s corresponding with, wants to find her. At the ball, they dance together, and she only has a mask that covers her eyes. How blind do you have to be to not notice who is the person below that mask? It literally made no sense to anyone.

Malcolm Was Already Dead In ‘Sixth Sense’

The big twist in the movie that everyone knows about is very intriguing and leaves us in awe. How Malcolm didn’t notice in the whole movie that no one talked to him except Cole. Neither his wife nor Cole’s mom, no one. Imagine that you are invisible on the day; you would surely realize that something is wrong.

Cady And The Burn Book In ‘Mean Girls’

In ‘Mean Girls’ Cady is a new student, who is later thought to have written a burn book. But how people didn’t put the dice together and realized that, how could she write a burn book when she didn’t know those people. Where is the logic?

The Crane Kick In ‘Karate Kid’

We all know that iconic crane kick when Daniel beats Johnny. Sure, this is a very happy moment, but, how logical is it when it was said at the beginning of the film that hat kicks to the face would result in disqualification. The filmmakers were a little confused.

Cinderella’s Shoes In ‘Cinderella’

Of course, we all love this fairy tale, but, some things don’t make sense. How could Cinderella have lost her shoe, if it was made just for her? Okay, it’s hard to walk in heels, but her shoes are tailor-made. The other thing is a prince looking for a girl in his shoe. Of course, she’s not the only girl to have that size in the whole kingdom!

Hulk Is Always Angry In ‘Avengers’

Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when he is angry. So if Mark Ruffalo’s version is, as he claims, “always angry”, how is he not always Hulk? Some things don’t make any sense, even though we know it, we definitely love those movies.

The Blame For Mufasa’s Death In ‘The Lion King’

It is extremely strange and unbelievable that this slipped through as a possibility in the film. Simba runs away for years because Scar said that the king’s death was all his son’s fault. Even when it is revealed that Scar is very evil, no one contradicts him. Oh God, silly lions, how come you don’t know anything?!

Sebastian In ‘She’s The Man’

How is it possible that no one noticed that the real Sebastian and the fake Sebastian did not face at all? No one notices that the real Sebastian is suddenly taller and much more muscular than he was (than the fake Sebastian – his sister).

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