Top 10 TikTok Songs From 2021

TikTok is really a network where we will hear countless songs that just don’t come out of our heads. Various covers, dances, and video clips with background music really occupy our attention. See a list of the top 10 songs of 2021 so far.

“driver’s license,” Olivia Rodrigo

Everyone has heard this song for sure, but it is inevitable that this song marked this year. Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver’s license” debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and broke multiple streaming records.

“Into The Thick Of It”, The Backyardigans

If you’ve been visiting TikTok for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard this hit, which you can’t get out of your head. Users remixed this song, came up with various tricks and dances with this crazy song.

“International Super Spy”, The Backyardigans

With this song, many TikTok users came up with lyrics that suited the situation that happened to them, as well as revealing secrets when that famous part of “super spyyyyy” comes along. This is also a very addictive song.

“Streets,” Doja Cat

The very catchy rap verse on Doja Cat’s “Streets” is making the TikTok rounds recently. You definitely heard this song when you scrolled the clips and surely the song got into your brain and you can’t get it out.

“Venom,” Lil Sims

Many use it for various transitions and various other own tricks. Certainly the moment he says “Venom” is etched in our brains because we’ve heard it on TikTok countless times.

“Body 2,” Tion Wayne x Russ Millions ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

Surely you know the lyrics of this song, especially when it says ‘Adeola wanna roll with a geezer’. Also, many use this for various transitions and it will simply be impossible for you not to have heard the rhythm and lyrics of this song on this popular platform at least once.

“Bad Boy,” Yung Bae, bbno $, Billy Marchiafava

It’s hard to listen to this song and not play a little, wherever you are at the moment. This song is one of the most famous, listened to, and used for various types of clips on TikTok.

“Waking Up in the Morning,” Gia Giudice

TikTok users use this sound and the lyrics of this song to describe some of the unpleasant or traumatic experiences that happened to them either when they were little, or just some time in the past. These clips are really funny!

“oops!” Yung Gravy

“You talking about Tracy? Tracy with the ass? ” – is the text of this song which is perfectly used for those” wait for it “clips on TikTok. Such clips have become more than popular and have gained a lot of attention.

“I Am,” Yung Baby Tate (ft. Flo Milli)

This song is listened to and used to attract good and positive vibes in 2021. “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich,” are the lyrics of the song that definitely boost self-confidence and bring wonderful energy into each new day!

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