Must-Try Foods From European Countries

Europe is a continent that is recognizable by its culture that lasts a very long time. Food in Europe is definitely something very special and undoubtedly – very tasty. Check out our list of top 10 foods you can only find in Europe!

Arancini in Italy

This dish may not be as popular as pizzas and pasta, but it is something that will drive you crazy! This meal, originating from the 10th century, was named after the word arancia, which means orange because they look like this fruit and that is why they are often served with orange leaves. In addition to meat, they can be stuffed with mushrooms, various vegetables, and cheese.

Cheese fondue in Switzerland

Switzerland is definitely recognizable with foods that have cheese in them. Fondu was originally made from two types of cheese – Gruyères and Vacherin. Traditionally, these two cheeses are grated and melted together with garlic, white wine, and the addition of “kirsch” brandy. You just have to try this dish!

Paella in Spain

Paella – one of Spain’s most popular foods. This dish is made and served in a larger, wide dish with a shallow bottom called peallon, and from this, you can conclude how it got its name. In the original recipe, rice, chopped pieces of meat, vegetables, fish, and seafood are represented, while in certain regions some of these ingredients are excluded.

Waffle in Belgium

Waffles in Belgium are something unreal, the taste is simply indescribable – it must be experienced. This dessert is perfect and practical. It can be served warm, and even when left to cool, it is certainly very tasty. It can be topped with chocolate, jam, any sweet topping, or just powdered sugar. It’s ideal! Belgium waffles – one of the foods Europe is famous all over the world with.

Gyros in Greece

When we think of Greece, one of the first things that come to mind is GIROS, which is certainly the most popular dish. It is a traditional Greek meat dish baked on a vertical skewer. Serve as a sandwich, with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, wrapped in pita bread.

Pierogi in Poland

Pierogi is a specialty of Polish cuisine similar to Italian ravioli. It can be prepared in both salty and sweet versions, and it really is a dish that Poles love to eat. They can be filled with literally anything! The classic version includes potatoes and cheese, meat and cabbage, or just vegetables. They are often served topped with sour cream and fried onions or pork.

Ćevpi in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other Balkan countries, are very popular for this dish. Ćevapi is a dish made of minced meat, shaped into small rolls and grilled. They are usually made from mixed beef and mutton. They are so delicious that you will want to eat them every day!

Francesinha in Portugal

“The best sandwich in the world,” as the Portuguese call Francesinha, comes from Porto. Although called a sandwich, it is a hearty dish more tempting to the taste buds than to the eye. The famous French sandwich croque-monsieur, which was enjoyed by many Portuguese immigrants, allegedly served as inspiration for the preparation. You must try this dish!

Goulash in Hungary

Goulash is the most famous Hungarian dish. Due to its magical taste, it is found on the menus of restaurants around the world. The name comes from the Hungarian word “gulyás” which means shepherd because it was originally prepared by shepherds in a cauldron over a fire. So only the dish “gulyáshús” meant, in fact, cattle. Goulash is really very popular, and also delicious.

Sunday Roast in England

Sunday roast is a traditional Sunday lunch in England. It mainly consists of roast beef with potatoes and vegetables, but some families also opt for chicken. This dish is extremely sought after in England, and if you find yourself in England, be sure to look for this dish and enjoy the unreal taste.

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