The Best Shows On Netflix This Summer

Netflix is truly a platform that gives us the ability to watch all possible genres, series, movies, and everything we have ever wanted to watch. Quality content is what has been a main feature and epithet of Netflix for years. What are the new shows you should look at on Netflix?

Sweet Tooth (2021)

This is a gentle, wonderful series which, even though tragedy is the main topic, is not overly dark. It can be said that it is also optimistic – sweet, as the name suggests. The plot of the series takes place 10 years after the pandemic that reduced the country’s population. The contagious virus robs the world and kills many. At the same time, every baby that is born a hybrid is a human-animal. No one knows what came first – a virus or a hybrid – but that doesn’t stop scared people from harassing unusual children

Halston (2021)

Halston follows the life of visionary designer Roy Halston Frowick who created history in Manhattan in the 1970s and 1980s and identified with Studio 54. He changed the rules of American style in the 1970s, adding a sporty practical aesthetic hitherto associated only with Europe. If you are a fashion freak and just love this type of series, this is the right thing for you.

Shadow and Bone (2021)

“Shadow and Bone” may have a desire to be a new epic-fantastic hit, but it’s very naive teenage core of the story is shackled by the problematic construction of the world. the story focuses on Alina Starkov, an orphan and cartographer, in the fictional land of Ravka chained by war and separated by a dark “crease”. This series should be on your list.

Ginny and Georgia (2021)

The intelligent and ambitious Ginny tries to cope with the new circumstances, while her mother Georgia wants to finally sort out their lives – but in her way through numerous small and big lies and deceptions. Precisely because of these things, their relationship becomes tenser, and it comes to the point that they will both have to face the secrets that follow them. Ginny and Georgia will keep your attention.

Lupin (2021)

“Lupin” is inspired by a series of books written by Maurice Leblanc, where the center of attention and events is a gentleman thief, Arsene Lupine, who was stealing and also fighting with bigger thugs than himself. This quiet and hidden hit that appeared out of nowhere and without announcements, I gained the full attention of the audience. Drinking, dynamically fast, not too complicated to watch, quite naive, and above all a charming and charismatic five-part work.

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