5 Best Tips and Tricks to Get Over Your Ex

Forget about your ex. Everything will be alright! Although it may seem like there is no light now, remember that when you create the light in you, it will be around you. This is just one chapter in the book of your life, and there is so much waiting for you! Gather your courage, read this list, and believe that everything will be better.

Get off social media for a while

If you allow yourself to spy on him and follow his every step – trust us, it will only get worse. Block your ex if necessary, but don’t investigate and torture yourself with the question of where he is now and what he is doing. If he was diligent, he would be here, next to you. Disconnect from the internet and seek happiness in the beauty of real life.

Throw away anything that reminds you of your ex

These can be some little things that can lead to missing that person. Pack everything in one box and put it away from you. If it’s hard, cry, it’s okay. Cry, break up into a thousand tiny pieces and then put it together. Build the best possible version of yourself!

Write down on paper the reasons why that person is an ex

This can really help in those moments when we idealize that person and fantasize about him coming back to us. Write down on paper all those bad reasons that turned you away from your ex. Now that this person is not in your life, very often you only remember those beautiful things. Write down those bad ones and never forget them, because that is the main reason why that person is an ex!

Work on yourself

Even in madness, do not neglect yourself and put your heart in the last place. As hard as it is, you are your best friend. Get out of the crying bed, get dressed, put on makeup, play music, and live. Life is so short that we would mourn for people who did not want to be with us. Rise above that. Dedicate yourself to a hobby, work on a career, and learn something new.

Surround yourself with good friends

Friends are the cure for any life problem. Don’t shut yourself in and refuse people that wish you well. Whether it’s friends or family, let them care and make you happy. Make friends, go on trips with them, and create memories. That’s what matters most at the end of the day.

Written by Sofija


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