6 Signs That Someone Is Lying To You

Not sure, but do you think someone is constantly lying to you? You can’t judge a lie and you’re completely distrustful? Don’t worry. We have prepared the main 6 signs by which you can notice that someone is looking at you in the eye and lying. Pay attention to the details and take a look at the list below.

Uncertain Answers

If a person gives such an indefinite answer, it is a sure sign of a lie. Usually, the simplest answers like yes or no are actually honest. Often this behavior preoccupies more attention and is a sign of lying, more than the simplest, short answer.

Excessive Honesty

One of the signs is also an exaggeration in the truth. If you ask someone, “Did you eat my cake,” and they start to justify themselves – know that they are lying to you. People lie in a panic and do not know how to react, so they start defending their actions.

Answering Questions with Questions

Someone who tries to trick and manipulate you will avoid a direct answer. They will try to ask you more questions. Remember that answering questions with questions is a very clear sign of a lie.

Breathing Changes

When someone lies to you, they start breathing harder. When breathing changes, the shoulders rise and the voice may become thinner. In fact, people run out of air because their heart rate changes. These are the conditions that the body goes through when you are nervous or tense – when you lie.

Too Much Information

When someone gives you too much information that you did not ask for, and especially if he exaggerates with details, it is very likely that he is not telling the truth. Liars often talk a lot because they hope that others will believe them because of this apparent openness. As soon as you receive more information than is normal, ask yourself what the problem is.

Staring Without Blinking

When people lie, it is common that they cannot look you in the eye, but a true liar will try to make eye contact in an attempt to manipulate you. When people tell the truth, most will look around from time to time. Liars, on the other hand, will have a cold, calm look to scare and control.

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Written by Sofija


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