Top 5 Shark Movies Ever Made

If you love the underwater world, where sharks hide and wait to attack at any moment – you are in the right place. We have singled out the top 5 shark movies that have been gaining viewers ’attention for years. If you are not afraid of these great creatures, choose a movie from our list and embark on a new adventure.

Jaws (1975)

This is a cult movie and there is simply no one who has not heard of it! In a beautiful summer resort, a terrible evil reigned and disturbed the peace. It first took the life of a young girl, leaving her remains to rot on the plaza. Then a large white shark aimed at the children, and the calm waters turned red with blood. Just when they thought it was safe to go back into the water, it attacked again, relentlessly raging.

The Shallows (2016)

Nancy (Blake Lively), a beautiful, and charismatic girl goes to her late mother’s favorite beach to try out the upset waves. That seemingly peaceful day will turn into a nightmare. Nancy is attacked by a great white shark that first injures her. The shark then tries to finish her off. The movie is definitely worth your attention.

The Meg (2018)

Scientists are discovering that the Mariana Trench is not the deepest point on earth, but that beneath it there is a whole intact ecosystem. During the research, they come across the prehistoric ancestor of today’s shark and a living fossil, which escapes from its “prison” in the depths and sets out to terrorize a civilization not far from the Chinese coast. Uh, what a story!

The Reef (2010)

Kate, her brother Matt and his girlfriend Susie arrive on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia where they are with Kate’s ex-lover Luke. Luke invites three friends for a week of sailing. Still, that wasn’t the best idea. The sailboat capsizes, they decide they have to swim to the island, and the shark begins to follow them. This movie awakens the chills in the bones.

Bait (2012)

The plot of the movie follows a couple, Josh and Tina, who are separated by a tragic accident. They meet in the supermarket a year after the break-up, a few moments before the robbery, and then a big tsunami hits the place. The water quickly floods the supermarket, and the survivors soon find out that they are not alone, and that the tsunami brought unwanted visitors.

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