Best Holiday Destinations in Europe

Europe with its beautiful areas is a combination of non-sacrum and unique culture and pure natural beauty. If you haven’t been to Europe so far, you must change that mistake. Any country you choose, you will not regret it. Take a look at our list of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Paris, France

Paris is the capital of France and it is one of the most visited cities in the world. For a whole day, you can wander the streets of Paris and admire beautiful buildings that show the highest quality art ever created. Landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame, will make you fall in love with this city.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most picturesque, most popular and tourist most visited Greek island. White facades, blue roofs, and carpentry, with dark volcanic rocks and the blue of the Aegean Sea, consists of a typical color Santorini that nominates every photo for the postcard of the year. If you want to enjoy and forget about anything, Santorini is a real escape from reality.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a country that has a special vibe. Barcelona is a very livable city, especially during the summer. Barcelona is located on the sea, has well-decorated city beaches and resorts nearby. This city simply has everything – the architecture is unreal, and the food is almost completely extraordinary.

Sorento, Italy

Sorento is the most beautiful possible place for kisses and long walks while the smell of oranges and lemons are felt in the air. The sea’s surrounding views are provided with a place reserved for the romantic meetings at The Villa Comunale. You can, even more, sit next to water and fishing ports and enjoy life, as if tomorrow does not exist.


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean climate makes Cyprus one of the warmest islands, with an extremely large number of sunny days throughout the year. There is no doubt that this island exudes beauty at every step. The enjoyment is guaranteed here!

Saint Julian’s, Malta

Located on the east coast of Malta, this city has four regions that are so close; you can exceed each other every day. This place is popular with its nightlife, so if you crave good parties, then this place is for you. Sandy beaches are “classics” on this island, but you can sunbathe in St. Julians and on the stone.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is located in the northwest of Portugal. This colorful town is the second largest, behind Lisbon. In Porto, you can find rich historical architecture, which is why the city is about 20 years under UNESCO protection, next to the city’s spirit and appearance, it is also known for the production of wine. With a glass of wine, enjoy the beauty of this place!

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