Top 5 Surf Movies To Give You Inspiration

It’s summer and the sea vibe is all you need. You can spend these warm, summer days watching great surf movies that will make you start if you don’t surf already. Take a look at our list and embark on another new, summer adventure.


The documentary shows the travels of Mike Hinson and Robert August, two West Coast surfers in search of perfect waves from Hawaii to Australia, with a casual and witty Brown narrative that stays in consciousness as long as the surf footage. This documentary is an ideal combination of art and an unbreakable love for restless waves.


The movie follows the three best friends who spend their youth on parties, surfing, and women so that after a few carefree years, they are pressured by socio-political circumstances and then try to avoid them. Although they have different life stories and paths, their common passion always leads them to the same goal: to overcome the Great Wave and become a legend. Rarely in any movie will you see a better depiction of the California surfing atmosphere of the 60s and 70s.


Anne Marie is extremely determined. She knows what real surfing is and she wants to prove it. One day, she will win “Pipe Master”, one of the most dangerous and aggressive competitions in the sport, a competition traditionally dominated by men. She will direct all her energy and passion towards this sport and will give viewers perfect pleasure while watching the movie.


Here we meet pro surfer John John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. This is the first surf movie to be shot in 4K so if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenes, this movie will definitely meet all your expectations.


This is a documentary that offers an almost poetic review of the beauties of surfing and individuals who have rejected social conventions in order to live in harmony with nature and surfing instinct. From the northeastern coast of Australia, through Bali to Hawaii, this cult film, without a single spoken word, but with an ingenious musical background, follows nomadic surfers who make their own boards and sleep in the woods. This movie is unreal!

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