5 Sports Movies To Watch During The Olympics

Are you a sports fan, you adore all sports and movies in which the motives of sports are dragged? This is the right place for you. Check our list and find some movies you will surely fall in love with! There is no mistake with these movies.


This documentary represents a study of race, class, and education in America. It follows two Chicago teens as they strive to make their dreams of playing professional basketball a reality. This is considered one of the best documentaries in the world that gained great attention and audience support.


This story will equally delight older and younger and offer a nostalgic summer spirit. Here we see children’s true love for a baseball that melts our hearts. The movie you can watch alone or with your pals is certainly something you can’t miss.


The plot follows the coach, who has an ugly past, and the city drunk gets a chance of his life. They start training a local high school basketball team with a task to make an impossible and conquered championship. This movie is inspiring and you should definitely watch it.


Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase redefine the golf game and you will no longer perceive it as harmless entertainment of the privileged. It is played only to win, regardless of the consequences! The victory must not slip out of hand. The film is one of the greatest classics of your genre, whichever you look at it, leaves the possibility for another enjoyment in front of the screen.

ROCKY (1976)

Who didn’t watch this movie, that or crazy or fell right with Mars! However, if you did not look at this classic, it’s right to do that. This is a movie about boxing, which is much more than the box itself. This is an unyielding struggle for realizing the American dream and reaching success.

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