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    5 Things That Don’t Make Sense in Godzilla Vs Kong

    You might find the movie to be highly entertaining with all its actions and visual effects but you might also notice a few things that don’t make sense at all in the movie. If you have watched Kong  (Kong: Skull Island) in 2014 and Godzilla in 2019, you could follow that there are 2 alpha […] More

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    National Treasure is Back in Disney+:Nicolas Cage Steps Down

    You might be one of those who loves National Treasure but we won’t be seeing Nicolas Cage reprising his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates. Disney+ finally announced the reboot of this action-fantasy-adventure through a 10 episode series. The series will feature a new lead female character Jess Morales. It was not announced yet who will […] More

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    Jennifer Garner Gives Her Yes on Yes Day!

    Yes please! Doing the reverse of saying No to your kids might actually do the trick! This is what the parenting style of Alison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos Torres (Edgar Ramirez) did with their kids. It’s a totally great family movie released on March 12, 2021 directed by Miguel Arteta. A Yes Person What It […] More

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    5 scenes from ‘The Godfather’ that marked the history of cinema


    Francis Ford Coppola turns 81. The film master, who has been more of a protagonist lately for his controversial statements than for his work, continues to be one of the most admired directors worldwide. One of those filmmakers who, whatever time passes and whatever happens – except in very extreme cases – will continue to […] More

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    Girl Power: Your Movie Guide To Be Your Best Version

    Are you a girl recovering from a broken heart? Is it a bad day at work? You might be in between jobs? Or are you a single mom? As for myself, I am complaining already that I am not achieving something lately! Maybe, we need some nudging once in a while just to remind us […] More

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    Raya is Disney’s New Warrior Princess

    So much for the typical save-me type princess, Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Studios launched their new warrior princess, Raya. This is a total deviate from the usual princesses that we got used to since forever because Raya is not the sort of princess that will just wait. She will pursue an adventure to […] More

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    Rebelde: School Year Opens in 2022 on Netflix

    The Rebels are back! Netflix announced the remake of Rebelde, a  popular Mexican telenovela that aired from October 4, 2004 to June 2, 2006 in Mexico. This was originally an Argentine telenovela created by Cris Morena. It will still be a long wait though, since it will be aired in 2022 and new generation of […] More

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    Tom Holland Confirms There Would Be No Past Spideys In the Upcoming Spiderman-3


    Once and for all, Tom Holland has taken down all the Spiderman ideas. The British actor eventually denied the theories, despite speculation about previous Spider-men, Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield, joining Holland for Spider-Man 3. The star, who is advertising his new film Cherry on Apple TV Plus, strongly denied the two older Spidey actors […] More

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    Alina is Netflix’s New Heroine on April 2021



    Alina Starkov is an orphan, a citizen and a map maker in the fictional Kingdom of Ravka. This Netflix’s new heroine in this upcoming 8-episode series Shadow and Bones will turn out to be a powerful Grisha that can summon the power of the sun. Moreover, the series is based on the Grisha Trilogy authored […] More

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