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    Should You Join The Audio APP Clubhouse?

    Mobile showing Clubhouse logo and cover photo

    The shortest distance between two human hearts is a story. The story is a gateway to connect two souls, that’s why we all rely on Instagram and Facebook to get the best vibes and exceptional stories via pictures, posts and videos. These apps have become our companions who we meet every day to perceive the […] More

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    Crazy Deepfakes – Tom Cruise on Tiktok


    Deepfakes aren’t new, we’ve had deepfake videos in the past from several influencers, celebrities, and political figures. From Ex-US President Barack Obama to Hollywood A-grade charm Robert Downey Jr, one would find all sorts of deepfakes on youtube. Guess, who is under the spotlight this time? It’s none other than Mission Impossible Actor Tom Cruise, […] More

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    The real truth behind the Gamestop hype


    Gamestop has become hot news because of its unpredictable stock fluctuations. And these all begun with a Youtube channel called “Roaring Kitty” which had dragged numerous short and underdog investors into this perilous matter. The surge of Covid-19 had already swayed the market, had negatively impacted businesses of multiple sections. In such circumstances, there was […] More

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    Bumble, the dating app, tops $13bn in the market, makes 31-year-old female-founder boss a rare self-made billionaire


    Chief Government Officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, who at 31 is the youngest woman to have a large firm public in the U.S. as CEO, said in a gathering on Thursday she had been grateful to the different woman who’ve paved the way for her. “We’re very focused on an aggressive international growth,” Wolfe […] More

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    Influencers are dead, long live content creators


    We see influencers everywhere, brands love them, and they would eventually invest billions of dollars in becoming the face of their campaign on social media. It is a calculated risk since brands benefit from millions of subscribers. However, do influencers still possess the same marketing power or are they dead? Who are influencers? Suppose we […] More

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    Clubhouse – just a trend or the next big thing?


    “Gift of the Gods” to some, elite club to others. The Clubhouse audio chat app leaves no one indifferent in Silicon Valley, especially not since it was valued at $100 million by investors. In beta version and available only by invitation, the ultra-confidential platform is visited by more than 1,500 users. But most of them […] More