5 Sports Movies To Watch During The Olympics

Are you a sports fan, you adore all sports and movies in which the motives of sports are dragged? This is the right place for you. Check our list and find some movies you will surely fall in love with! There is no mistake with these movies. HOOP DREAMS (1994) This documentary represents a study More

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5 scenes from ‘The Godfather’ that marked the history of cinema

Francis Ford Coppola turns 81. The film master, who has been more of a protagonist lately for his controversial statements than for his work, continues to be one of the most admired directors worldwide. One of those filmmakers who, whatever time passes and whatever happens – except in very extreme cases – will continue to More

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Does Neil Really Die in Tenet?

Neil’s death in the movie Tenet surprised everyone and led to the question – is Neil’s death permanent? The question of whether his death can be annulled opens up a topic for discussion and presents a wide range of theories. In the movie, after the organization Tenet recruited the Protagonist, he meets Neil. Neil is More

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movie moments

Top 5 Movie Moments That We’ll Remember Forever

There are some movie whose scenes we will remember forever and come back to, watching them over and over again. Some scenes just leave an indelible mark on us and moments that we will always be keeping in our hearts. What are the Top 5 iconic moments from the movies? Titanic – The Door Scene More

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Incredible Disney movies to dive you back into childhood

It’s impossible not to love Disney, isn’t it? We grew up with that, and yet, with those movies, we will never grow up completely and that carefree child will always be hidden in us. It was very difficult to single out just ten films because each film is special in its way, but look at More

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Game Of Thrones’s new spin off – House Of Dragons

Dragon lovers, are you ready? HBO has officially confirmed that it’s working on a Game of Thrones prequel show revolving around the Targaryens, called House of the Dragon. The series is expected in 2022, as HBO programming chief Casey Bloys told the media at the Television Critics Association in January 2020. Martin wrote on his More

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5 Thrillers That Will Make Your Brain Go Wild

Psychological thrillers are movies after which we will have to take a breath, come to our senses, and refresh. However, it will leave a big impression on us while we are watching, and long after the movies themselves. These are just some of the psychological thriller movies whose plot twists will confuse your mind! Shutter More

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