Kanye West Previews a New Album

The fans of the rapper Kanye west are overjoyed and quite impatient due to his upcoming album. The rapper held the listening party for his upcoming album under the name “Donda”. Video clips from this event from Las Vegas circle on the internet. The excitement of the fans is more than obvious and by the More

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Best Moments From The 2021 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards left many speechless. All the art in one place, energy, and good fun characterized these performances. And what are the best moments we should not have missedT? Audience Reaction And Energy DJ Khaled, H.E.R., and Migos started this show incredibly and brought so much beautiful energy to both the audience and More

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Juicy things you didn’t know about the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones was formed in London in 1962. They are a band that has gained more and more fame and support over the decades, as they deserve. They became popular with the release of their 1964 debut album. We know their well-known symbol, songs, and band members, but what else have we not known More

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Party Songs for Your Summer Playlist

When summer comes, everything is much better. The vibe at the parties is different and you just can’t help but join the crowd holding a drink in their hand and moving their hips to the rhythms of crazy summer songs. What are these 10 summer party songs that are ideal for summer parties? Despacito by More

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Glitter & Gold: The Biggest Moments from Eurovision

After a year of waiting, Eurovision is back at the big door. Despite the Covid situation, the Netherlands managed to perfectly prepare this event and make it a world miracle. Standard and competition this year were at an enviable level, it was difficult to assess who will be the winner, until the very end. Certainly, More

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Some Facts About Eminem You Probably Don’t Know

Eminem is a rap star who has set the standard for his songs and his passion for rap music that few artists can surpass. He is very popular and you probably know the basics about it, but there are certainly some interesting facts that you did not know until now. Take a look at the More

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Bands That Remind Us How Great the 00s Were

Eh, when we hear the sounds of some of the famous songs that were popular 00s, our heart beats even harder. Then we appreciated bands, even more, we fell in love with singers, guitarists and drummers and together we made history. Let’s remember what are the best bands from the 00s. Linkin Park  Rooted at More

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Lorde Announces New Single and Album

Lorde has released a new single called “Solar Power”, just days after announcing the arrival of her new, long-awaited album of the same name. It’s been almost 4 years since Lorde released “Melodrama,” her Grammy-nominated album. We were all looking forward to her next move and the continuation of her artistic trace, which she writes More

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10 Songs Whose Lyrics Don’t Make Any Sense

Do you know that feeling when you fall in love with a song, sing it, not really understanding what the song is about. Then, when you pay a little attention, you realize that lyrics don’t make any sense! See which 10 songs are on our list! Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen A song that has crossed More

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